Repurposed cutting boards

Repurposed cutting boards

I found two cutting boards last year to redo. Now I'm redoing them again, you may have guessed I'm redoing my kitchen. You don't have to go out and buy new decor. A crafty person just gives it a makeover.


Just some paint and stencils and I was done. I thought they turned out so cute.


Then I decided to go full blown farmhouse in my kitchen. Adding red, grey, and black accents. That's when i decided to redo my cutting boards again. I grabbed my sander and sanded away the old cuteness for even more cuteness.

rooster cutting board

I love grain sack stripes! So added red stripes this time. I got my stencil from Essential Stencil. Then I added a cute design over the grain sack stripes that I found on Cricut.

heifer cutting board

For the second cutting board I decided to add some farmhouse humor. I found the design on Etsy. I love them even more now. Thanks for stopping by, I hope this has inspired you.

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