Yard Sale Haul Project #1

Yard Sale Haul Project #1

If you saw my previous post you know I love yard sales. This project was one of my favorites, because there was no building involved. I enjoyed giving this wooden tool box new life. I'm putting it in my yard sale and I hope it finds a happy home on someones porch.

Flower tool tote
flower tool tote-1


  • indoor/outdoor spray paint
  • stencil
  • painters tape
  • sandpaper
  • polycrylic
  • clay pots & plants


The first step was to sand off the pink nail polish from my wooden tool box.

Next I grabbed some indoor/outdoor spray paint and applied two coats of paint.

While it was drying, I made this cute stencil using my cricut machine. If you don't have a cricut you can find some really cute stencils online or your local craft store.

Now that the paint is dry I applied my stencil. I used painters tape to keep me from getting paint where I didn't want any. I then used a stencil brush to apply some black paint to my letters. To do this I applied light applications of paint by dabbing the brush. After I was done I carefully peeled the stencil off.

I added some finishing touches by distressing the wooden tool box. Once I was done, I applied some poly acrylic. This helps it last longer outdoors.

The wooden tool box was ready for its new purpose as planter. I planted some pretty annuals in clay pots and placed them inside.

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